Zindagi Kashmakash is a musical love story involving KANIKA, her husband ANGAD and her sister MONIKA which brings them to a situation where dark secrets from their past are revealed which changes the course of their lives forever.

These dark secrets relate to the child sexual abuse at home which is quite evident in India, where two out of every three children are victims of sexual abuse. In most cases, persons known to the child or in a position of trust and responsibility, like parents, family and close friends, are found to be the perpetrators. Child abuse is shrouded in secrecy because parents and victims, in an attempt to protect themselves from dishonour and their family from societal disgrace, refuse to discuss, let alone report, the incidents of abuse. The shame too great to expose, the pain too terrible to bring into the light and so, they keep it all buried, and although they try to forget, they are haunted by the truth forever and they become prisoner of their past.

It is this silence that creates internal conflicts and complexes within Kanika, thereby distorting her personality and behaviour, which becomes the main reason for the marital discord between Kanika and Angad, so much so, that in one of his weakest moment, Angad tries to kill Kanika. Angad is arrested and Kanika moves in with her sister MONIKA who is staying with her six years old daughter KAIRA, and their mother. While staying together, Monika discovers that Kanika suffers from a severe personality disorder, lies blatantly and is alcoholic.

In order to know the entire truth about Kanika’s relationship with Angad and also to see if she could bridge the distance between them, Monika starts meeting Angad secretly since she knew that Kanika would never approve of this. However, Angad, who was totally heart broken and reeling under depression and loneliness, falls madly in love with Monika. On realizing Angad’s growing fondness towards her, Monika distances herself from Angad, which leads Angad to believe that he could be with Monika only if he divorces Kanika.

On the other hand, Kanika’s growing intimacy with Monika’s daughter, Kaira starts showing positive effects on her personality and Kanika now desires to go back to Angad. Angad’s request for divorce shatters Kanika. Her sadness turns into anger and resentment when she learns that Angad is madly in love with her own sister Monika. She calls VISHAL, Monika’s estranged husband, and asks him to take Monika back. But Monika is adamant and makes it clear that under no circumstances would she ever go back to Vishal. Constant prodding from her mother and sister forces Monika to disclose that Vishal had once molested Kaira. Kanika is devastated on hearing this. More so, because this transports her to her own childhood when she was repeatedly molested for many years by her own maternal Uncle while she was staying with him along with Monika about her mother post her father’s death. Totally engulfed in rage, Kanika kills Vishal. She is sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

After her release, Kanika dedicates her life to creating awareness about child sexual abuse and motivating the victims of abuse through her own NGO. On the insistence of Kanika, Monika marries Angad to give Kaira a secured childhood who has now grown up as confidant beautiful young girl who fortunately was not locked up in the prison of her past.

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